Tohid Erfani

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Deterministic approaches to simultaneously solve different interrelated optimisation problems lead to a general classofnonlinear complementarityproblem(NCP).Due todifferentiability andconvexity requirements of the problems, sophisticated algorithms are introduced in literature. This paper develops an evolutionary algorithm to solve the NCPs. The proposed(More)
In design and optimization problems, a solution is called robust if it is stable enough with respect to perturbation of model input parameters. In engineering design optimization, the designer may prefer a use of robust solution to a more optimal one to set a stable system design. Although in literature there is a handful of methods for obtaining such(More)
Water resource allocation is the process of assessing and determining a mechanism on how water should be distributed among different regions, sectors and users. Over the recent decades, the optimal solution for water resource allocation has been explored both in centralised and decentralised mechanisms. Conventional approaches are under central planner(More)
[1] We formulate and apply a multicommodity network flow node-arc optimization model capable of tracking trade transactions in complex water resource systems. The model uses a simple node to node network connectivity matrix and does not require preprocessing of all possible flow paths in the network. We compare the proposed node-arc formulation with an(More)
In design problem such as a new configuration of plasma actuator for maximizing the velocity of the airflow, experimental setup is done by an ad-hoc procedure. This provides the researcher with a relationship of the input parameters (width of the electrode, distance of the electrodes, the voltage and etc) and the velocity. As the experiments are time(More)
The world is facing a more water constrained future as a result of urbanisation, population growth, industrialisation and the emergence of climate change. This has direct impacts on the resilience and performance of the energy and food industries, as water plays a key role in electricity generation processes and agriculture production. Water, energy and(More)
This paper introduces a new iterative evolutionary algorithm, which is able to provide an evenly distributed set of solutions in multiobjective context. The method is different from the other evolutionary algorithms in two perspectives. First, instead of density information incorporated to find a diverse set of solutions, a hypercylinder is introduced as a(More)
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