Todor Tsankov

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For a fixed infinite structure $\Gamma$ with finite signature tau, we study the following computational problem: input are quantifier-free first-order tau-formulas phi_0,phi_1,...,phi_n that define relations R_0,R_1,\dots,R_n over Gamma. The question is whether the relation R_0 is primitive positive definable from R_1,...,R_n, i.e., definable by a(More)
We study full groups of countable, measure-preserving equivalence relations. Our main results include that they are all homeomorphic to the separable Hilbert space and that every homomorphism from an ergodic full group to a separable group is continuous. We also find bounds for the minimal number of topological generators (elements generating a dense(More)
Consider a standard probability space (X,μ), i.e., a space isomorphic to the unit interval with Lebesgue measure. We denote by Aut(X,μ) the automorphism group of (X,μ), i.e., the group of all Borel automorphisms of X which preserve μ (where two such automorphisms are identified if they are equal μ-a.e.). A Borel equivalence relation E ⊆ X is called(More)
If G is a Polish group and Γ is a countable group, denote byHom(Γ,G) the space of all homomorphisms Γ → G. We study properties of the group π(Γ) for the generic π ∈ Hom(Γ,G), when Γ is abelian and G is one of the following three groups: the unitary group of an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space, the automorphism group of a standard probability space, and(More)
We prove that if the universalminimal flow of a Polish groupG ismetrizable and contains a Gδ orbit G · x0, then it is isomorphic to the completion of the homogeneous space G/Gx0 and show how this result translates naturally in terms of structural Ramsey theory. We also investigate universal minimal proximal flows and describe concrete representations of(More)
Consider a measure-preserving action Γ y (X,μ) of a countable group Γ and a measurable cocycle α : X × Γ → Aut(Y ) with countable image, where (X,μ) is a standard Lebesgue space and (Y, ν) is any probability space. We prove that if the Koopman representation associated to the action Γ y X is non-amenable, then there does not exist a countable-to-one Borel(More)
We investigate the automorphism groups of א0-categorical structures and prove that they are exactly the Roelcke precompact Polish groups. We show that the theory of a structure is stable if and only if every Roelcke uniformly continuous function on the automorphism group is weakly almost periodic. Analysing the semigroup structure on the weakly almost(More)
We develop Fraïssé theory, namely the theory of Fraïssé classes and Fraïssé limits, in the context of metric structures. We show that a class of finitely generated structures is Fraïssé if and only if it is the age of a separable approximately homogeneous structure, and conversely, that this structure is necessarily the unique limit of the class, and is(More)