Todor Stoilov

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Web sites, which enable watching video clips online, have become very popular nowadays. One of the main problems with regard to that is the highly increasing workload of the machines that support those sites. The text describes the structure of Apache HTTP Server and focuses on the parameters that influence the efficiency of its usage. It also carefully(More)
An analysis of the potential formalism, used in the hierarchical system theory is performed, addressing the autonomic computing system design. In that manner, self management of the overall autonomic system can be achieved by influencing the local resources and the goals of the local computing subsystems. Thus, a quantitative formalization of the control(More)
This paper applies a bi-level formalism for the optimal control of an urban transportation network. The well known store-and-forward model in traffic control is utilized in order to increase the control space of the optimization problem. Mainly, the store-and-forward models apply the split as a control argument, assuming the traffic light cycle as a(More)
Cloud computing has been a centre of discussion from a long time. But it is a well-known fact that nearly every new technology has some problems related to it. Cloud computing is considered as an attractive service since the users' commitments for the operations and investments are reduced to a minimal level. However, when networking aspects for(More)