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A novel approach to the detection of masses and clustered microcalcification is presented. Lesion detection is considered as a two-class pattern recognition problem. In order to get an effective and stable representation, the detection scheme codifies the image by using a ranklet transform. The vectors of ranklet coefficients obtained are classified by(More)
This paper describes the process of encrypting message in a sound using artificial neural network. In order to accomplish the task, the process is divided into several steps where each of the steps is described with Generalized net. The main goal is to send an encrypted in a sound message between two persons and if a wrong person receives it he will not be(More)
OBJECTIVES Ducks can shed and spread influenza A viruses (IAVs) while showing no disease signs. Our objective was to clarify the role of 'foie gras' ducks in the circulation of IAVs in Bulgaria. METHODS Monthly avian influenza surveillance was conducted on 63 'foie gras' duck farms, 52 of which were surveyed throughout the study between November 2008 and(More)
The artificial neural networks are inspired by biological properties of human and animal brains. One of the neural networks type is called ART [4]. The abbreviation of ART stands for Adaptive Resonance Theory that has been invented by Stephen Grossberg in 1976 [5]. ART represents a family of Neural Networks. It is a cognitive and neural theory that(More)
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