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Recent progress in phytochemistry, pharmacology and biotechnology of Astragalus saponins
Saponins are widely distributed among plant kingdom and possess a wide range of pharmacological properties. Genus Astragalus is the largest in the Fabaceae family, comprising more than 2,200 speciesExpand
Apoptotic mechanisms of the biotechnologically produced arylnaphtalene lignan justicidin B in the acute myeloid leukemia-derived cell line HL-60.
BACKGROUND The present study aimed at optimization of the biotechnological production of the lignan justicidin B by genetically transformed cultures of Linum leonii and the pharmacological evaluationExpand
Linum narbonense: A new valuable tool for biotechnological production of a potent anticancer lignan Justicidine B
Background: Arylnaphthalene lignan Justicidin B is a lead compound in the management of bone cancer and osteoclastogenesis. The compound is the main cytotoxic principle of rare medicinal plant LinumExpand
Combined Control of the Bioprocess for Production of C-glycosylflavones from Linum thracicum in Bioreactor
The high intake of foods and beverages rich in polyphenols, especially in flavonoids, has been associated with decreased risk of neoplasm. Luteolin shows therapeutic potential as a lead anticancerExpand
Position control of asynchronous motor by vector control
Резюме: Асинхронните двигатели са най-масово използваните двигатели поради редица предимства, които притежават. Навлизането на честотните инвертори, като масово използвани регулатори за управление наExpand