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  • Michael A. Chapman, Michael S. Lawrence, Jonathan J. Keats, Kristian Cibulskis, Carrie Sougnez, Anna C. Schinzel +43 others
  • 2011
Multiple myeloma is an incurable malignancy of plasma cells, and its pathogenesis is poorly understood. Here we report the massively parallel sequencing of 38 tumour genomes and their comparison to matched normal DNAs. Several new and unexpected oncogenic mechanisms were suggested by the pattern of somatic mutation across the data set. These include the(More)
1 Abstract The research outlined in this paper marks an initial global cooperative effort between visualization and collaboration researchers to build a persistent virtual visualization facility linked by ultra-high-speed optical networks. The goal is to enable the comprehensive and synergistic research and development of the necessary hardware, software(More)
A layered architecture for advanced collaborative environments has been developed to map the definition of a collaboration task from the requirements needed to accomplish the task, to the collaboration services that can be used to satisfy those needs, and to the technologies on which the services can be delivered. The architecture takes into account the(More)
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