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Robotic-assisted Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: update from 2 high-volume centers.
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is a challenging operation in the most experienced hands. Robotic surgery allows the capabilities of the minimally invasive surgeon to beExpand
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Computational higher-dimensional type theory
Formal constructive type theory has proved to be an effective language for mechanized proof. By avoiding non-constructive principles, such as the law of the excluded middle, type theory admitsExpand
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A New Paradigm for Quarantine and Public Health Activities at Land Borders: Opportunities and Challenges
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Quarantine Stations at Ports of Entry: Protecting the Public's Health focused almost exclusively on U.S. airports and seaports, which served 106 million entriesExpand
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Computational Higher Type Theory I: Abstract Cubical Realizability
Brouwer's constructivist foundations of mathematics is based on an intuitively meaningful notion of computation shared by all mathematicians. Martin-L\"of's meaning explanations for constructive typeExpand
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Loss resilient strategy in body sensor networks
Body sensor networks have gained continuous popularity in applications such as monitoring, sports training, and interactive gaming. However, data communication reliability is critical for the successExpand
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A model-based tool to predict the propagation of infectious disease via airports
Summary Epidemics of novel or re-emerging infectious diseases have quickly spread globally via air travel, as highlighted by pandemic H1N1 influenzaExpand
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Consumer price index, 2004
Todd Wilson The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) for All Items for the U.S. city average increased 3.3 percent in 2004, up from a 1.9-percent rise during the prior year.1 LastExpand
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Electrochemical Removal of Chromium from Wastewater
Abstract : We carried out a study to determine the feasibility of electrochemically removing chromium from plating wastewater. Hexavalent chromium is a carcinogen and its discharge is required to beExpand
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Consumer Inflation Higher in 2000
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