Todd Watkins

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In our age of technological growth and change, the role of the engineer has evolved from lone specialist to team player, from internally focused to globally aware, from reactionary to entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has created much of our social wealth. The characteristics of the entrepreneur transcend academic disciplines, and social as well as economic(More)
The Advanced Technology Program (ATP) is a partnership between government and private industry to conduct high-risk research to develop enabling technologies that promise significant commercial payoffs and widespread benefits for the economy. Since the inception of ATP in 1990, ATP's Economic Assessment Office (EAO) has performed rigorous and multifaceted(More)
Imagination, creativity, innovation, invention and venture-a sequence of professional development for 21 st century renaissance engineers and technical entrepreneurial business people, designed to give engineering and business students the skill sets to compete in our global economy with its ever-increasing rate of technical and financial change. A(More)
At the end of the Cold War, the manufacturing operations involved in making military equipment and commercial goods are commonly believed to intersect hardly at all. Our analyses of 1991 survey data from a large sample of establishments in the machining-intensive durable goods sector show that there are few technical and competitive conditions separating(More)
Information exchange, enabled by computable interoperability, is the key to many of the initiatives underway including the development of Regional Health Information Exchanges, Regional Health Information Organizations, and the National Health Information Network. These initiatives must include public health as a full partner in the emerging transformation(More)
This paper discusses one part of our attempts at Lehigh University to put active, inquiry-based, collaborative, multidisciplinary experiences at the center of undergraduate education, starting in the freshman year. We briefly outline the goals, history, structure, and our evaluation of our Integrated Business and Engineering Freshman Workshop, a(More)
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