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We propose a new model for the variance between multiple time series, the Regime Switching Dynamic Correlation. We decompose the covariances into correlations and standard deviations and the correlation matrix follows a regime switching model; it is constant within a regime but different across regimes. The transitions between the regimes are governed by a(More)
The Prostate Expression Database (PEDB) is a curated relational database and suite of analysis tools designed for the study of prostate gene expression in normal and disease states. Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) and full-length cDNA sequences derived from more than 40 human prostate cDNA libraries are maintained and represent a wide spectrum of normal and(More)
The Java programming environment is increasingly being used to build large-scale multi-language applications. Whether these applications combine Java with other languages for legacy reasons, to address performance concerns, or to add Java functionality to preexisting server environments, they require correct and eecient native i n terfaces. This paper(More)
RNA interference technology allows the systematic genetic analysis of the molecular alterations in cancer cells and how these alterations affect response to therapies. Here we used small interfering RNA (siRNA) screens to identify genes that enhance the cytotoxicity (enhancers) of established anticancer chemotherapeutics. Hits identified in drug enhancer(More)
A method is proposed for reasoning about safety and liveness properties of message passing networks. The method is hierarchical and is based upon combining the specifications of component processes to obtain the specification of a network. The inference rules for safety properties use induction on the number of messages transmitted; liveness proofs use(More)
Digital Video is an exciting new medium with the potential to revolutionize the way organizations train their employees. However, there are questions that must be answered. How practical is video? What is the demand? What is the best use of video? In this paper, we compare the performance and quality of common digital formats, analyze 851,770 queries from(More)
Biological processes are fundamentally driven by complex interactions between biomolecules. Integrated high-throughput omics studies enable multifaceted views of cells, organisms, or their communities. With the advent of new post-genomics technologies, omics studies are becoming increasingly prevalent; yet the full impact of these studies can only be(More)
MOTIVATION Genome-scale DNA sequencing is a multistep process in which large numbers of small template clones are propagated, purified, sequenced and analyzed on acrylamide gels. A significant challenge to these projects is the scale at which the data handling must be done. Hence, large-scale sequencing facilities will benefit from tracking template DNA(More)
The Prostate Expression Database (PEDB) is an online resource designed to access and analyze gene expression information derived from the human prostate. PEDB archives >55 000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from 43 cDNA libraries in a curated relational database that provides detailed library information including tissue source, library construction(More)
The Java programming language and the underlying virtual machine model have introduced new complexities for compilation. Various approaches ranging from just in time (JIT) compilation to ahead of time (AOT) compilation are being explored with the aim of improving the performance of Java programs. The hurdles facing the achievement of high performance in(More)