Todd Simpson

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A synchronous, hierarchical, occurrence-oriented, hardware description language (HDL) has been formalized with the Boyer-Moore logic. Well-formed HDL circuits are recognized by a predicate, and a unit-clock simulator de nes the meaning of circuits expressed in the HDL. This HDL has been used to specify an implementation of the FM9001 microprocessor that has(More)
Digital in-line soft x-ray holography (DIXH) was used to image immobilized polystyrene and iron oxide particles and to distinguish them based on their different x-ray absorption cross sections in the vicinity of the carbon K-absorption edge. The element-specific information from the resonant DIXH images was correlated with high-resolution scanning electron(More)
We give combinatorial proofs of three identities, each of which generalizes Weyl's denominator formula for two of the three root systems Bn, Cn, Dn. Two of the three identities are due to S. Okada; the third appears in the author's doctoral thesis, upon which this work is based. Each of the identities we prove has a \sum side" and a \product side"; both(More)
Ethyl formate (EF) in combination with CO2 was tested for control of arthropods commonly infesting California table grapes. In addition, table grape tolerance to EF exposure was evaluated. LC99 estimates were developed for target pests by using a range of EF concentrations (0.04-4.7% EF). Response to treatments varied greatly between species, as well as(More)
We used digital in-line soft X-ray holography (DIXH) in the Gabor geometry to image human chromosomes. The divergent wave front was generated by diffraction of synchrotron radiation from a high aspect ratio pinhole. As under our experimental conditions the achievable resolution depends on the pinhole radius, high aspect ratio holes with diameters in the 100(More)
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