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A unique method has been developed to scavenge energy from monocrystaline solar cells to power wireless router nodes used in indoor applications. The system’s energy harvesting module consists of solar cells connected in series-parallel combination to scavenge energy from 34W fluorescent lights. A set of ultracapacitors were used as the energy storage(More)
Patient vital sign monitoring within hospitals requires the use of non-invasive sensors that are hardwired to bedside monitors. This set-up is cumbersome, forcing the patient to be confined to his hospital bed thereby not allowing him to move around freely within the hospital premises. This paper addresses the use of wireless sensor networks for monitoring(More)
A system to remotely monitor a patient’s oxygen saturation (%SpO2) levels is described. The data was continuously measured using a pulse oximeter and then transferred to a central monitoring station via a wireless sensor network for storage and display. Crossbow MICAz motes were programmed to serve as the network nodes. One mote was interfaced to the pulse(More)
Today, across a wide variety of areas, huge datasets are being collected and accumulated at a very high pace. The datasets addressed by individual applications are very often heterogeneous and geographically distributed, and are used by the communities of 2users, which are often large and also geographically scattered. Major challenges are involved in the(More)
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