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Secondary structure prediction involving up to 800 neural network predictions has been developed, by use of novel methods such as output expansion and a unique balloting procedure. An overall performance of 77.2%-80.2% (77.9%-80.6% mean per-chain) for three-state (helix, strand, coil) prediction was obtained when evaluated on a commonly used set of 126(More)
This study proposes a general analytical compliance model for symmetric notch flexure hinges composed of segments with constant width and analytically defined variable thicknesses. Applying serial combination and longitudinal/transverse mirroring of base segments, the in-plane compliances of the full flexure are obtained as functions of one quarter-flexure(More)
We present a novel approach to tracking heavy machinery used as snowplows for the improvement of commuter safety. We have developed hardware designed for universal installation in snowplows that relay location and plow position data without human interaction over a cellular network to the real-time traffic simulator FreeSim [1-3]. FreeSim analyzes the data(More)
In order to set sustainable harvest limits on anadro-mous fish, fishery managers require a method for estimating return numbers of individual species. As seasonal migration times of several returning species may overlap, simple fish counts are insufficient. This paper presents an algorithm for tracking fish crossing an insonified area using an extended(More)
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