Todd P. Mitchell

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[1] The timing of the onset of coastal upwelling in spring and its intensity over the upwelling season are critical factors in the productivity and structure of the California Current ecosystem (CCE). We use an index of coastal upwelling to characterize physical forcing over the latitudinal extent of the CCE, and compare the evolution of the upwelling(More)
More than 90% of all fatal mushroom poisonings worldwide are due to amatoxin containing species that grow abundantly in Europe, South Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Many cases have also been reported in North America. Initial symptoms of abdominal cramps, vomiting, and a severe cholera-like diarrhea generally do not manifest until at least six to eight(More)
Since the mid-1970s, large-scale episodic events such as disease epidemics, mass mortalities, harmful algal blooms and other population explosions have been occurring in marine environments at an historically unprecedented rate. The variety of organisms involved (host, pathogens and other opportunists) and the absolute number of episodes have also increased(More)
Erythrocyte deformation involves both viscous dissipation in the cell interior and viscoelastic motion of the cell membrane. Reports that describe reduced filterability of diabetic erythrocytes, altered response to oscillatory motion in a capillary-sized pipet, and impaired packing during centrifugation indicate a disturbance of red cell rheology in(More)
Analyses of erythrocyte deformation commonly assume the discocytic shape to be unstressed and hence to be without strain energy. This assumption is based on micropipet experiments and a theoretical disparity between observed and requisite curvature rigidity. The polynomial description of Evans and Fung and strain energy expressions introduced by Zarda et(More)
Amatoxins, which are mainly found in Amanita phalloides, Amanita virosa, and Galerina autumnalis, are responsible for the majority of fatal intoxication with green death cap. The intoxication is associated with acute liver failure, which explains the poor prognosis. Acute liver injury is generally preceeded by a gastrointestinal phase with nausea, vomiting(More)
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