Todd Nelson

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Mixed tumors account for about 10% of the childhood central nervous system tumors. Studies of the most common tumor, the ganglioglioma, in patients of all ages suggest that optimal therapy is total gross resection. There are few studies on these tumors in children. In our institution between 1984 and 1993, 28 children with gangliogliomas (4 of which were(More)
Collaboration technologies offer the potential to enhance communication effectiveness, shared awareness, and decision quality in command and control (C2) application domains. The purpose of this experiment is to evaluate the impact of one of these technologies – Instant Messaging (Chat) – on team performance efficiency in a simulated human-in-the-loop air(More)
BACKGROUND Base deficit (BD) is commonly used in the operating room (OR) as an endpoint of resuscitation. BD is used as a surrogate marker for the accumulation of lactic acid(Lac). However, the BD can be affected by large amounts of saline. METHODS We conducted a survey of anesthesiologists regarding the use of BD. We also studied the reliability of BD to(More)
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