Todd Mitton

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As software for distributed systems becomes more complex, ensuring that a system meets its prescribed specification is a growing challenge that confronts software developers. This is particularly important for distributed applications with strict dependability and timeliness constraints. This paper reports on ORCHESTRA, a portable fault injection(More)
SUMMARY TCP, the de facto standard transport protocol in today's operating systems, is a very robust protocol that adapts to various network characteristics, packet loss, link congestion, and even significant differences in vendor implementations. This paper describes a set of experiments performed on six different vendor TCP implementations using(More)
Real-time embedded systems have evolved during the past several decades from small custom-designed digital hardware to large distributed processing systems. As these systems become more complex, their interoperability, evolvability and cost-effectiveness requirements motivate the use of commercial-off-the-shelf components. This raises the challenge of(More)
Ensuring that a distributed real-time system with strict dependability constraints meets its prescribed speciication is a growing challenge that confronts software developers and system engineers. This paper reports on a software fault injection tool, called SockPFI, for testing the fault tolerance and timing behavior of distributed real-time applications.(More)
We study the determinants of vertical integration in a new data set of over 750,000 firms from 93 countries. We present a number of theoretical predictions on the interactions between financial development, contracting costs, and the extent of vertical integration. Consistent with these predictions, contracting costs and financial development by themselves(More)
  • Robert M Daines, Grant R Mcqueen, Robert J Schonlau, Yakov Amihud, Jeff Coles, Michael Drake +12 others
  • 2013
In the wake of the backdating scandal, many firms began awarding options at the same time each year. These scheduled option grants eliminated backdating, but create other agency problems. CEOs that know the dates of upcoming scheduled option grants have an incentive to temporarily depress stock prices before the grant dates to get options with lower strike(More)
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