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This study was designed to describe the percentage of cattle shedding Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Midwestern U.S. feedlots and to discover relationships between the point prevalence of cattle shedding the organism and the characteristics of those cattle or the conditions of their pens. Cattle from 29 pens of five Midwestern feedlots were each sampled once(More)
Distillers grains produced from corn or sorghum grains are similar in energy concentration. Calculated NEg value for corn and sorghum dis-tillers grains was 34 percent greater than for dry-rolled corn. Summary-diets, 60 crossbred, yearling steers were grain or sorghum distillers grain for 127 days. Distillers grains were fed at 30 percent of the dietary dry(More)
BACKGROUND A planning model was used to guide the design of a randomized controlled study of the effectiveness of tailored interventions in lowering dust exposures in small woodworking shops. METHODS Guided by Green's PRECEDE-PROCEED model, we used a planning committee, focus groups and a pilot study to gain information on small woodworking shops, causes(More)
Measures of workers' inhalable dust exposures, tasks, and ventilation use were made in five small woodworking shops prior to the start of an intervention effectiveness study aimed at lowering personal wood dust exposures. The data were used to (1) design a sampling protocol for an intervention success measure, (2) identify targets for intervention among the(More)
Foreign body ingestion/aspiration episodes are potential complications in all branches of dentistry. The handling of small orthodontic components requires particular care, especially where the patient is supine or semi-recumbent. Three cases of foreign body ingestion are presented, involving patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Once the foreign bodies(More)
Data from 100,277 certificates of livebirths were analyzed in an attempt to uncover independent correlates of birthweight and gestation time. Without statistical control, each of these variables was shown to be significantly related to race, trimester of obtaining prenatal care, maternal age, parity, socioeconomic status, and legitimacy status. Regression(More)