Todd Meyers

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BACKGROUND Individuals diagnosed with a sexually transmissible infection (STI) often face psychosocial concerns through which they must navigate to arrive at disclosure decisions. The objective of this study was to qualitatively explore the decision-making process for disclosure of STI diagnoses to sex partners among adolescent females in Baltimore City,(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the attitudes of African American adolescent girls toward physical activity may help identify strategies to enable these adolescents to adopt a more physically active lifestyle that could track into adulthood. OBJECTIVE To identify and compare attitudes of African American adolescent girls toward physical activity with the(More)
BACKGROUND Although physical attributes have been shown to be associated with sexually transmitted disease (SD) rates, there is little information about the association between social attributes and STD rates. GOAL The objective of this study was to determine the association between gonorrhea prevalence and perceptions of social cohesion in impoverished,(More)
The problem of lying as a feature of medication compliance has been well documented in anthropological and clinical literatures. Yet the role of the lie-its destabilizing effects on the continuity of drug treatment and therapy, as a technology of drug misuse, or as a way to understand the neuro-chemical processes of treatment (pharmacotherapy "tricking" or(More)
This paper is concerned with how disclosure becomes self-production for young adults within the setting of the sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinic. The STD clinic is a special medical environment where the process of disclosure is not just a way of accessing treatment; it is also a process through which illness, sexuality, and social experience become(More)
This article examines an account of chronic illness and traces the narrative as it turns towards dying. Based on two years of ethnographic work with one household in Baltimore, MD, the article illustrates the complex institutional transactions performed by the poor in the urban United States. The ethnography follows the contours of these transactions as(More)
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