Todd M Germain

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Hypoxia is a major stimulus for increased drug resistance and for survival of tumor cells. Work from our group and others has shown that hypoxia increases resistance to anti-cancer compounds, radiation, and other damage-pathway cytotoxic agents. In this work we utilize a microfluidic culture system capable of rapid switching of local oxygen concentrations(More)
Mitochondrial complex II (CII) is an emerging target for numerous human diseases. Sixteen analogues of the CII inhibitor natural product atpenin A5 were prepared to evaluate the structure-activity relationship of the C5 pyridine side chain. The side chain ketone moiety was determined to be pharmacophoric, engendering a bioactive conformation. One analogue,(More)
A microfluidic chip containing stamped antibody arrays was developed for simultaneous cell separation and drug testing. Poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) stamping was used to deposit antibodies in a microfluidic channel, forming discrete cell-capture regions on the surface. Cell mixtures were then introduced, resulting in the separation of cells when specific(More)
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