Todd Little

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—A major challenge in agile development is the ability of test teams to keep pace with ongoing development while simultaneously ensuring that new development has not created regression failures. This case study from Halliburton shows how together with two globally distributed outsourcing partners they developed a comprehensive test automation strategy for(More)
Although control beliefs are thought to be pivotal contributors to emotional well-being in old age, questions remain about the specific and long-term emotional implications of different types of control beliefs. We examined three generalized beliefs about control (personal control over desirable outcomes, personal responsibility for undesirable outcomes,(More)
Knowledge management systems provide opportunities for organizations to obtain and manipulate their knowledge in order to impact their strategic initiatives. As these systems become more prevalent within organizational structures, the benefits of KM systems can be enhanced by reviewing the impact of organizational culture, organizational leadership, and(More)
To maximize the velocity of business value delivery Alistair Cockburn talks of having a process that is " barely sufficient. " At Landmark Graphics we developed some guidelines as to what "barely sufficient" means for our various software projects. We examined over 60 projects and observed two primary attributes that influenced the type of process used:(More)
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