Todd Keeler

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We present the first quality physics-based smoke animation method which runs in time approximately linear in the size of the rendered two-dimensional visual detail. Our fundamental representation is a closed triangle mesh surface dividing space between clear air and a uniformly smoky region, on which we compute vortex sheet dynamics to accurately solve(More)
We tackle deep water simulation in a scalable way, solving 3D irrotational flow using only variables stored in a mesh of the surface of the water, in time proportional to the rendered mesh. The heart of our method is a novel boundary integral equation formulation that is amenable to explicit mesh tracking with unstructured triangle meshes. Our method(More)
  • Tyson Brochu Bsc, Tyson Brochu, Robert Bridson Robust Topo, Todd Keeler, Robert Bridson Linear-Time, Smoke Anima +2 others
  • 2012
Explicit surface tracking encompasses the discretization of moving surfaces in 3D with triangle meshes. This thesis presents key contributions towards making explicit surface tracking tractable. I first deal with the topology change problem (the merging and splitting of mesh surfaces), introducing a framework for guaranteeing intersection-free surfaces(More)
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