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The objective of this study was to determine whether the association between GSTM1 null/GSTTI null and survival in ovarian cancer is mediated by the influence of these genes on p53 expression. In 81 women with pure invasive ovarian cancer, GSTM1 null and GSTT1 null genotypes were identified using polymerase chain reaction and p53 expression was assessed(More)
Platelet aggregation, secretion of 5-hydroxy tryptamine and production of thromboxane B2 were monitored simultaneously in human platelet suspensions in the absence and presence of cyclooxygenase or thromboxane synthetase inhibitors. Aggregation, secretion and thromboxane B2 formation in response to either sodium arachidonate or epinephrine were blocked by(More)
Defibrotide (D) was labelled with 125I or with 32P. The radiolabelled compounds ([125I]-Defibrotide ([125I]-D), [32P]-Defibrotide ([32P]-D) retained the same profibrinolytic activity, in vitro, as the parent drug, suggesting that the labelling procedures had not modified the pharmacological properties of D and hence that its chemical structure was not(More)
Defibrotide (D) was labelled with 125I. The radiolabelled compound ([125I]-Defibrotide ([125I]-D)) retained the same profibrinolytic activity as the parent drug. Following single intravenous administration of [125I]-D the half lives of radioactivity associated with D components in plasma were 9.45 min and 11.27 h for alpha and beta phases respectively.(More)
Oligotide (O) was labelled with 125I. The radiolabelled compound ([125I]-Oligotide ([125I]-O)) retained the biological activity of parent O. Following single intravenous administration the half lives of radioactivity associated with O and/or O related components in plasma were 9-10 min and 9-10 h for alpha and beta phases respectively. Following single oral(More)
The long-term goals of this research are to understand the dynamics of rip currents generated by largescale variations in alongshore pressure gradients and wave forcing, and the impact of rip currents on nearshore bathymetry. These goals will be accomplished collaboratively using field observations and numerical models, and will be pursued as part of the(More)
A mathematical model of the reaction between primary antibody and epitope is described using the Law of Mass Action to define the reaction quantitatively. The model explains some of the peculiar properties of immunohistochemical preparations. It also predicts that antibody excess over epitope will not increase staining intensity for very avid primary(More)