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The nature of interactions between observing pain in others (other-pain) and subjective pain perception (self-pain) has been debated. To test whether other-pain and self-pain primes increase or decrease responsiveness to complementary self-pain or other-pain targets, two ERP studies were conducted. In Study 1, twenty participants (10 women, 10 men) were(More)
Previous event-related potential (ERP) and brain imaging studies have suggested observer responses to others’ pain are modulated by various bottom-up and top-down factors, including emotional primes. However, the temporal dynamics underlying the impact of emotional primes on responses to others’ pain remains poorly understood. In the present study, we(More)
Help seeking (HS) is a core coping strategy that is directed towards obtaining support, advice, or assistance as means of managing stress. Women have been found to use more HS than men. Neural correlates of sex differences have also been reported in prefrontal-limbic system (PLS) regions that are linked to stress and coping, yet structural differences(More)
In this experiment, sensitivity to female facial attractiveness was examined by comparing event-related potentials (ERPs) in response to attractive and unattractive female faces within a study-test paradigm. Fourteen heterosexual participants (age range 18-24 years, mean age 21.67 years) were required to judge 84 attractive and 84 unattractive face images(More)
In a Multi-Variant Execution Environment (MVEE), several slightly different versions of the same program are executed in lockstep. While this is done, a monitor compares the behavior of the versions at certain synchronization points with the aim of detecting discrepancies which may indicate attacks. As we show, the monitor can be implemented entirely in(More)
While memory-safe and type-safe languages have been available for many years, the vast majority of software is still implemented in type-unsafe languages such as C/C++. Despite massive concerted efforts by software vendors such as Microsoft to eliminate buffer overflow vulnerabilities through automated and manual code review, they continue to be found and(More)
—The number and complexity of attacks on computer systems are increasing. This growth necessitates proper defense mechanisms. Intrusion detection systems play an important role in detecting and disrupting attacks before they can compromise software. Multi-variant execution is an intrusion detection mechanism that executes several slightly different(More)
UNLABELLED Two experiments assessed how interpersonal transactions influence responses to cold pressor pain in women versus men. In Experiment 1, 91 young adults (57 women, 34 men) were randomly assigned to either a no transaction (NT) condition in which they coped alone with the cold pressor test or a transaction opportunity (TO) condition in which they(More)