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GiveALink is a public site where users donate their bookmarks to the Web community. Bookmarks are analyzed to build a new generation of Web mining techniques and new ways to search, recommend, surf, personalize and visualize the Web. We present a semantic similarity measure for URLs that takes advantage both of the hierarchical structure of the bookmark(More)
10 Never before in history has mankind produced and had access to so much data, information, knowledge, and expertise as today. To 11 organize, access, and manage these valuable assets effectively, we use taxonomies, classification hierarchies, ontologies, controlled 12 vocabularies, and other approaches. We create directory structures for our files. We use(More)
Search anD DiScovery are Two STyleS of informaTion reTrieval. Search is a familiar modality, well exemplified by Google and other web search engines. While there is a discovery aspect to search engines, there are more straightforward examples of discovery systems, such as product recommendations on Amazon and movie recommendations on Netflix. These two(More)
In this paper, we present a visualization of the demography of U.S. University patenting activities between 1969 and 2000 at twenty universities producing the highest number of patents during the same time period. Extracting patents granted to U.S. universities from the United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] PATSIC, CONAME and Inventor datasets,(More)
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