Todd Heinrichs

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An adult-onset case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with occipitofrontal spread of the infection documented clinically and by MRI is reported. Autopsy revealed numerous intranuclear viral inclusions and widespread demyelination in both frontal lobes. In the occipital lobes where the disease started 5 years previously, inclusions were rare, but(More)
The counterimmunoelectrophoretic (CIE) procedure was evaluated under clinical laboratory conditions to determine its validity and comparability with culture methods. The procedure was further evaluated to determine applicability to a variety of clinical samples. An inexpensive set-up was developed to utilize the CIE procedure at bench level. Results(More)
Recently, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-technique has been developed to diagnose the exact anatomical location of fistulas of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This method is called 3D-constructive interference steady state-sequence (CISS) but it is not well known in clinical practice. Aim of the study was the evaluation of specificity and sensitivity of(More)
CT and MRI have become more frequently established in the diagnosis of the pelvis for the last few years. CT and even more MRI are technically essential for the diagnosis of problems of the pelvis like anal carcinoma, anal atresia, anal fistula of the anal canal and rectum. Modern technical equipment allow a scanning time of a few seconds, especially(More)
Macular changes of 333 eyes of 266 diabetic patients were analized regarding number of microaneurysms, area of intraretinal lipids and hermorrhages and the amount of leckage and capillary occlusion in fluorescein angiography. The changes were observed in a central and peripheral area centered around the fovea. The distribution of the changes observed were(More)