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Orgmizational What is the ideal team structure for framework development? How can frameworks be protected against organizational pressures? This year’s workshop was comprised of many seasoned framework developers with expertise in domains as diverse as graphical user interfaces, telephony, real-time controls and testing. As in prior workshops, we were(More)
As sensor networks become denser and more widely deployed, the potential develops for interconnecting these networks to combine datasets, share technological solutions, and to conduct cross-disciplinary research and monitoring operations that rely on several signal domains simultaneously. To that end, the real-time observatories, applications and data(More)
Since the introduction of Internet-enabled devices such as video cameras, phones and PDAs, the bandwidth requirements of each device continue to become more varied. Even devices that provide the same types of functionality tend to use di erent amounts of bandwidth. For example, cameras that use motion-JPEG compression tend to consume more bandwidth than(More)
Single magnetrons are commonly used to drive accelerator cavities, but many applications require multiple sources which can provide phase control operating into multiple cavities. Conventional injection locking techniques provide the means to phase lock magnetrons to within 1’ rms phase error but these techniques use circulators. Where weight is a concern(More)
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