Todd H. Weisgraber

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The mechanical properties of ordinary materials degrade substantially with reduced density because their structural elements bend under applied load. We report a class of microarchitected materials that maintain a nearly constant stiffness per unit mass density, even at ultralow density. This performance derives from a network of nearly isotropic microscale(More)
We study the cyclic dynamics of a single polymer tethered to a hard wall in shear flow using Brownian dynamics, the lattice Boltzmann method, and a recent stochastic event-driven molecular dynamics algorithm. We focus on the dynamics of the free end (last bead) of the tethered chain and we examine the cross-correlation function and power spectral density of(More)
A conservative lattice-Boltzmann method is presented for solving the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations at low Mach numbers on lattices that are adaptively refined in space and time. A method for coupling the interfaces between grids at different resolutions was constructed following techniques established for finite-volume computational fluid dynamics(More)
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