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This study examines the acute effects of plyometric exercise on 1 repetition maximum (RM) squat performance in trained male athletes. Twelve men (mean age +/- SD: 20.5 +/- 1.4 years) volunteered to participate in 3 testing sessions separated by at least 6 days of rest. During each testing session the 1RM was assessed on back squat exercise. Before all 3(More)
In the US and Western Europe, trauma is the fourth most common cause of death and the leading cause of death in the population less than 45 years of age [Mullinix and Foley, J Comput Assist Tomogr 28(Suppl 1):S20–S27, 2004]. Diaphragmatic injuries occur in 0.8 to 8% of patients after blunt trauma (Gray H, The muscles of the thorax. Anatomy of the human(More)
Between January 1976 and March 1982, 80 patients with histologically proven diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsillar region were treated with definitive radiotherapy. Sixty-five (81%) of these patients had locally advanced tumors (Stage III and IV); 49% of patients had clinically palpable cervical lymphadenopathy. All patients received a(More)
A total of 70 patients with histologically proven diagnosis of carcinoma of the base of the tongue were treated with primary irradiation between May 1974 through April 1984. Fifty-eight (83%) of these patients had locally advanced tumors (Stage T3, T4, N2, N3). Fifty-one of the 70 (73%) patients had clinically palpable neck nodes at first presentation. All(More)
A total of 127 patients with histologically proved diagnosis of carcinoma of the tonsillar region and soft palate were treated over the past ten years utilizing interstitial iridium-192 implants. Eighty patients were treated for primary tumors and 47 patients for either recurrent or persistent tumors after definitive irradiation and/or surgery. All patients(More)
Forty-patients with locally extensive carcinoma of the anorectum were treated by a combination of external and interstitial irradiation from April 1, 1974 to January 30, 1979. Twenty-eight patients (70%) achieved complete local tumor control and two more patients with residual tumor were salvaged by surgery. Twenty-four patients remain alive with local(More)
Blast injuries involving the frontobasilar region and orbit can present difficult evaluation and treatment challenges. This article presents the surgical treatment of four patients presenting with blast-type injuries involving the central periorbital region and anterior skull base. Three of these were the result of close-range gunshot wounds, and one was(More)
Postexercise muscle soreness was induced in the elbow flexors of human volunteer subjects through the use of a regimen of eccentric contractions. Physical examination before and 48 h after the exercise included measurements of range of elbow motion at the elbow and of arm diameter. Electromyographic (EMG) observations, utilizing fine wire electrodes(More)
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