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In recent years, the use of information principles to understand quantum correlations has been very successful. Unfortunately, all principles considered so far have a bipartite formulation, but intrinsically multipartite principles, yet to be discovered, are necessary for reproducing quantum correlations. Here we introduce local orthogonality, an(More)
The advanced energetic particle spectrometer RAPID on board Cluster can provide a complete description of the relevant particle parameters velocity, V , and atomic mass, A, over an energy range from 30 keV up to 1.5 MeV. We present the first measurements taken by RAPID during the commissioning and the early operating phases. The orbit on 14 January 2001,(More)
  • J J M Rti Ez B, M Artin Arcia, Rtiz, M M Od Ez Ve, G A Ez, O C Tellon +52 others
  • 2007
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Intense, magnetic field-aligned, bidirectional, energetic (>15 kiloelectron volts) electron beams were discovered by the Galileo energetic particles detector during the flyby of Io. These beams can carry sufficient energy flux into Jupiter's atmosphere to produce a visible aurora at the footprint of the magnetic flux tube connecting Io to Jupiter.(More)
At Venus the Energetic Particles Detector (EPD) on the Galileo spacecraft measured the differential energy spectra and angular distributions of ions >22 kiloelectron volts (keV) and electrons > 15 keV in energy. The only time particles were observed by EPD was in a series of episodic events [0546 to 0638 universal time (UT)] near closest approach (0559:03(More)
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a microwave remote sensing sensor, which can be mounted either on spaceborne or airborne systems and allows night and day and all-weather imaging. Use of interferometric SAR systems (which consist of two SAR antennas pointing to the same area from slightly different view angles) allows the generation of Digital Elevation(More)
The study focuses on a single particle dynamics in the cusp region. The topology of the cusp region in terms of magnetic field iso-B contours has been studied using the Tsy-ganenko 96 model (T96) as an example, to show the importance of an off-equatorial minimum on particle trapping. We carry out test particle simulations to demonstrate the bounce and drift(More)