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Distributed Scheduling Architecture for Multi-Center Time-Based Metering
The Traffic Management Advisor (TMA) is an air traffic control automation system currently in use in seven Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs) to enable time based metering to busy airportsExpand
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Situation Awareness Information Requirements for Commercial Airline Pilots
Situation awareness is presented as a fundamental requirement for good airmanship, forming the basis for pilot decision making and performance. To develop a better understanding of the role ofExpand
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A distributed scheduler for air traffic flow management
A system was developed to efficiently schedule aircraft into congested resources over long ranges and present that schedule as a decision support system. The scheduling system consists of aExpand
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Dyslexia: The Basics
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The success of the Traffic Management Adviso r (TMA) system at Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) and other ARTCCs has prompted the further development of TMA to address problems inExpand
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Automated Conflict Resolution : A Simulation Evaluation Under High Demand Including Merging Arrivals
Performance of a n automated conflict resolution algorithm is assessed. Evaluations are based on fast -time simulation s of 24 hours of nominal and heavily increased air traffic demand in theExpand
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An Experimental Study of the Effect of Shared Information on Pilot/Controller Re-Route Negotiation
the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ames Research Center under grant NAG 2-716 and by The Analytical Sciences Corporation (TASC) as part of the FAA Center of Excellence in OperationsExpand
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Multi-Center Traffic Management Advisor: Operational Test Results
The Multi-Center Traffic Management Advisor (McTMA) is a research prototype system which seeks to bring time-based metering into the mainstream of air traffic control (ATC) operations. Time-basedExpand
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In this paper, an automated conflict resolution algorithm is evaluated based on fast-time simulations of nominal and heavily increased air traffic demand in the Cleveland Air Route Traffic ControlExpand
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Information Sharing and Control in Homogenous and Heterogeneous Supply Networks Under Different Market Conditions
Abstract A supply network consists of a focal organization and the network of firms that transact with it via goods, services, and information. Advances in information technology give a focalExpand
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