Todd E. Tietjen

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Effects of inorganic turbidity from clay minerals on allochthonous dissolved organic matter (DOM), its consumption by bacteria and photodegradation by solar radiation were investigated. In controlled experiments of adsorption of DOM of six specific leaf leachates onto montmorillonite, kaolinite, and clay extracted from drainage basin soil, up to 31 mg C of(More)
The Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) prescribes management of vegetation in moist-soil wetlands for waterfowl and other wildlife. This study used a block design on 18 sites in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) in Mississippi to evaluate effectiveness of management prescriptions. Objectives were to determine appropriate timing of vegetation surveys and(More)
Enzymes released extracellularly by micro-organisms have major functions in nutrient acquisition and organic matter degradation. Clay particles, common in many surface waters, can modify enzyme activity. Clay minerals are known to form aggregates with organic molecules, and the formation of enzyme-clay complexes could alter the level of activity.(More)
Alterations to the lower Mississippi River-floodplain ecosystem to facilitate commercial navigation and to reduce flooding of agricultural lands and communities in the historic floodplain have changed the hydrologic regime. As a result, the flood pulse usually has a lower water level, is of shorter duration, has colder water temperatures, and a smaller area(More)
Past studies of organic matter processing in stream ecosystems have focused on the fate of allochthonous terrestrial leaf detritus. In streams with a reduced canopy, submerged macrophytes may provide a significant source of organic matter to the microbial community and higher trophic levels. We compared mass loss patterns and microbial dynamics between a(More)
Automated water quality monitoring systems can be used to help maintain optimal levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in aquaculture systems by continuously monitoring oxygen concentrations and immediately turning on aerators to supplement oxygen if a critical limit is reached. This study compares differences in water quality maintenance under operation schemes(More)
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