Todd Davis

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This paper proposes a model-based approach for 3D fa­ cial shape recovery using a small set of feature points from an input image of unknown pose and illumination. Previous model-based approaches usually require both texture (shad­ ing) and shape information from the input image in order to perform 3D facial shape recovery. However, the methods discussed(More)
— We propose a framework for face recognition at a distance based on texture and sparse-stereo reconstruction. We develop a 3D acquisition system that consists of two CCD stereo cameras mounted on pan-tilt units with adjustable baseline. We first detect the facial region and extract its landmark points, which are used to initialize the face alignment(More)
We analyzed highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) viruses isolated from humans infected in Egypt during 2007-2011. All analyzed viruses evolved from the lineage of subtype H5N1 viruses introduced into Egypt in 2006; we found minimal evidence of reassortment and no exotic introductions. The hemagglutinin genes of the viruses from 2011 formed a(More)
An avian influenza A H7N9 virus emerged in March 2013 and caused a remarkable number of human fatalities. Genome variability in these viruses may provide insights into host adaptability. We scanned over 140 genomes of the H7N9 viruses isolated from humans and identified 104 positions that exhibited seven or more amino acid substitutions. Approximately half(More)
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