Todd D Nelson

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An efficient stereoselective synthesis of the orally active NK(1) receptor antagonist Aprepitant is described. A direct condensation of N-benzyl ethanolamine with glyoxylic acid yielded a 2-hydroxy-1,4-oxazin-3-one which was activated as the corresponding trifluoroacetate. A Lewis acid mediated coupling with enantiopure(More)
In this paper, we disclose an efficient one-pot procedure for the preparation of substituted 1,8-naphthyridin-4-one analogues. Previous efforts to effect this type of transformation were complicated by the formation of benzene tricarboxylate. Via the use of excess base, the impurity formation was completely inhibited. This allowed for the clean preparation(More)
Drug discovery and development is a challenging area. During the drug optimization process, available drug compounds often have poor physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties, making the proper in vivo evaluation of these compounds difficult. To address these challenges, drug nanoparticles of poorly soluble compounds have emerged as a promising(More)
Concurrent variable-interval schedules were arranged with a main key that alternated in color and schedule assignment, along with a changeover key on which a small fixed ratio was required to changeover. Acceptable matching was observed with pigeons in two replications, but there was a tendency toward overmatching. Local response rates were found to differ(More)
  • T D Nelson
  • 1978
Four pigeons were trained on a matching-to-sample task in which reinforcers followed either the first matching response (fixed interval) or the fifth matching response (tandem fixed-interval fixed-ratio) that occurred 80 seconds or longer after the last reinforcement. Relative frequency distributions of the matching-to-sample responses that concluded(More)
There has been a growing interest in amorphous solid dispersions for bioavailability enhancement in drug discovery. Spray drying, as shown in this study, is well suited to produce prototype amorphous dispersions in the Candidate Selection stage where drug supply is limited. This investigation mapped the processing window of a micro-spray dryer to achieve(More)
This paper assesses the implications for policy of recent aggressive efforts by manufacturers to enforce price-confidentiality clauses in contracts with hospitals for purchases of physician preference items (PPIs) such as implantable medical devices. Secrecy clauses prevent hospitals from revealing prices to third parties that help them negotiate prices and(More)
The concise synthesis of a potent thrombin inhibitor was accomplished by a mild lactone aminolysis between an orthogonally protected bis-benzylic amine and a diastereomerically pure lactone. The lactone was synthesized by the condensation of l-proline methyl ester with an enantiomerically pure hydroxy acid, which in turn was synthesized by a highly(More)
The stereochemical outcome of the asymmetric Michael reaction of pseudoephedrine amide enolates changes dramatically in the presence of LiCl. Reaction of the enolate in the absence of LiCl results in formation of the anti Michael adduct with high selectivity, whereas in the presence of lithium chloride the syn adduct is favored. This method provides access(More)