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Robertson, Manly, Andrade, Baddeley, and Yiend (1997) have proposed that detection failures in vigilance tasks result from a 'mindless' withdrawal of attentional effort from the monitoring assignment. To explore that view, they modified the traditional vigilance task, in which observers make button-press responses to signify the detection of rarely(More)
Transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD) and transcranial cerebral oximetry (TCCO) measures of cerebral blood flow velocity and oxygenation levels were collected during an abbreviated 12-min vigilance task. Both the TCD and TCCO measures showed higher levels of cerebral vascular activity in the right than in the left cerebral hemisphere; the cerebral(More)
Therapists who evaluate the sensorimotor functions of autistic children have become increasingly interested in monitoring their responses to vestibular stimulation. In this study, the duration of the nystagmus reflex is visually monitored and then measured by means of a stop-watch. Each of 7 autistic subjects received 18 sessions (36 trials) of horizontal(More)
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