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Preclinical models suggest that focal high-dose radiation can make tumors more immunogenic. We performed a pilot study of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) followed by high-dose interleukin-2 (IL-2) to assess safety and tumor response rate and perform exploratory immune monitoring studies. Patients with metastatic melanoma or renal cell carcinoma(More)
Persons with cystic fibrosis (CF) are susceptible to chronic pulmonary infection due to certain Burkholderia species, but it is not clear whether this typically involves persistent infection with the same strain or sequential infection with distinct strains. We analyzed 1095 Burkholderia isolates recovered from serial sputum cultures from 379 patients with(More)
OX40 is a potent costimulatory receptor that can potentiate T-cell receptor signaling on the surface of T lymphocytes, leading to their activation by a specifically recognized antigen. In particular, OX40 engagement by ligands present on dendritic cells dramatically increases the proliferation, effector function, and survival of T cells. Preclinical studies(More)
Previously, we reported that combination treatment with rat amylin (100 microg/kg.d) and murine leptin (500 microg/kg.d) elicited greater inhibition of food intake and greater body weight loss in diet-induced obese rats than predicted by the sum of the monotherapy conditions, a finding consistent with amylin-induced restoration of leptin responsiveness. In(More)
Protein therapeutics have unique critical quality attributes (CQAs) that define their purity, potency, and safety. The analytical methods used to assess CQAs must be able to distinguish clinically meaningful differences in comparator products, and the most important CQAs should be evaluated with the most statistical rigor. High-risk CQA measurements assess(More)
Amylin infusion reduces food intake and slows body weight gain in rodents. In obese male rats, amylin (but not pair feeding) caused a preferential reduction of fat mass with protein preservation despite equal body weight loss in amylin-treated (fed ad libitum) and pair-fed rats. In the present study, the effect of prior or concurrent food restriction on the(More)
A crisis in orthodontic education exists today because of a shortage of qualified people seeking to pursue careers in academic orthodontics; 35% of orthodontic graduate programs in the United States report having at least 1 vacant faculty position. Previous studies have identified several factors that contribute to the current shortage. The purpose of this(More)
Traditional factorial designs for evaluating interactions among chemicals in a mixture may be prohibitive when the number of chemicals is large. Using a mixture of chemicals with a fixed ratio (mixture ray) results in an economical design that allows estimation of additivity or nonadditive interaction for a mixture of interest. This methodology is extended(More)
Circulating levels of the pancreatic beta-cell peptide hormone amylin and the gut peptide PYY[3-36] increase after nutrient ingestion. Both have been implicated as short-term signals of meal termination with anorexigenic and weight-reducing effects. However, their combined effects are unknown. We report that the combination of amylin and PYY[3-36] elicited(More)
Most toxicity data are based on studies using single compounds. This study assessed if there is an interaction between mixtures of the anticholinesterase insecticides chlorpyrifos (CHP) and carbaryl (CAR) using hypothermia and cholinesterase (ChE) inhibition as toxicological endpoints. Core temperature (T(c)) was continuously monitored by radiotelemetry in(More)