Todd C Ungar

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BACKGROUND Thoracic aortic injury (TAI) is associated with high mortality. It is not practical to evaluate all patients with blunt chest trauma with dedicated aortic imaging. The purpose of this study was to define a group of patients with blunt chest trauma after motor vehicle collision (MVC) that do not require aortic imaging based on information(More)
Seasonal changes in the neuroendocrine actions of gonadal steroid hormones are triggered by fluctuations in daylength. The mechanisms responsible for photoperiodic influences upon the feedback and behavioral effects of testosterone in Siberian hamsters are poorly understood. We hypothesized that daylength regulates the expression of androgen receptor (AR)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether sterile saline as a conduction agent provides adequate visualization of anatomic structures to attempt ultrasound-guided vascular access. METHODS This prospective study involved a convenience sample of adult patients (18 years and older) who presented to an urban academic ED during a 3-month study period. Each patient had(More)
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