Todd Berendes

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Using satellite imagery, more than five million square kilometers of the forest and cerrado regions over South America are extensively studied to monitor fires and smoke during the 1985 biomass burning season. The results are characterized for four major ecosystems, namely, 1) tropical rain forest, 2) tropical broadleaf seasonal, 3) savanna/grass and(More)
This paper describes the Spyglass tool, which is designed to help analysts explore very large collections of unstructured text documents. Spyglass uses a domain ontology to index documents, and provides retrieval and visualization services based on the ontology and the resulting index. The ontol-ogy based approach allows analysts to share information and(More)
Satellite remote sensing provides an essential source of information for monitoring the earth's atmosphere and climate. Thematic information derived from satellite imagery is applicable to a wide variety of applications at local, regional and global scales. Extracting thematic information using satellite imagery is a non-trivial task that usually requires(More)
<b>Spyglass</b> is an ontology-based information retrieval system designed to help analysts explore very large collections of unstructured text documents. The tool includes two main components: server and client. The server is a web-based service that uses a specific domain ontology to index a collection of documents, answer queries from the client, and(More)
The model for building scientific software tools has evolved with the changing computational landscape to incorporate distributed computing. This evolution has led to the emergence Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and XML based Web Services. SOA promotes the notion of 'software as a service' and it allows new ways to build applications. Building an(More)
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