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Duns Scotus on Natural Theology
Scotus’s natural theology has the following distinctive claims: That we can reason demonstratively to the necessary existence and nature of God from what is actually so but not from imaginedExpand
Baptizing Adorno's Odysseus
The question Adorno and Horkheimer leave the reader of the Dialectic of Enlightenment with is: How, finally, are we to supplement the project of the Enlightenment, so that it may attain its libratoryExpand
Duns Scotus and the Problem of Universals
1. Scotus Recidivus? 2. On the Structure of Material Substance in Scotus' Metaphysics 3. Substantial Natures: Neither Singular Nor Universal, but Common 4. On Individuation by the Haecceity 5.Expand
Fine-tuning Pini ’s reading of Scotus ’s categories commentary
In his Categories and Logic in Duns Scotus , Giorgio Pini offers a cogent and persuasive interpretation of Scotus’s thorny and diffi cult Categories commentary. Nevertheless, I shall argue that hisExpand