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Notch1 regulates gene expression by associating with the DNA-binding factor RBPJ and is oncogenic in murine and human T-cell progenitors. Using ChIP-Seq, we find that in human and murine T-lymphoblastic leukemia (TLL) genomes Notch1 binds preferentially to promoters, to RBPJ binding sites, and near imputed ZNF143, ETS, and RUNX sites. ChIP-Seq confirmed(More)
  • Freddy Honjo, Jon C Radtke, Susan Aster, Philippe Chan, Geimer Le Kastner, Bernard Lay +26 others
  • 2010
Ikaros-deficient TALL gene by deletion of its promoter in Notch1 Oncogenic activation of the Updated information and services can be found at: (309 articles) Plenary Papers (945 articles) Lymphoid Neoplasia Articles on similar topics can be found in the following Blood collections The Notch pathway is frequently activated in T-cell acute lymphoblastic(More)
BACKGROUND Notch receptors are normally cleaved during maturation by a furin-like protease at an extracellular site termed S1, creating a heterodimer of non-covalently associated subunits. The S1 site lies within a key negative regulatory region (NRR) of the receptor, which contains three highly conserved Lin12/Notch repeats and a heterodimerization domain(More)
Fixed, paraffin-embedded (FPE) tissues are a potentially rich resource for studying the role of NOTCH1 in cancer and other pathologies, but tests that reliably detect activated NOTCH1 (NICD1) in FPE samples have been lacking. Here, we bridge this gap by developing an immunohistochemical (IHC) stain that detects a neoepitope created by the proteolytic(More)
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