Todd Arnold

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Recently, some researchers have performed extensive experiments to study the feasibility and performance of vehicle drive-thru access to roadside access points (APs). The experiments demonstrate that the duration of connectivity to the AP is limited. A drive-thru vehicle has an area of high signal strength near the AP, but experiences poor link quality when(More)
Avian biodiversity is threatened by numerous anthropogenic factors and migratory species are especially at risk. Migrating birds frequently collide with manmade structures and such losses are believed to represent the majority of anthropogenic mortality for North American birds. However, estimates of total collision mortality range across several orders of(More)
As a test of the 2-dimensional model of work stressors, the present study proposed differential relationships between challenge stressors and hindrance stressors and role-based performance, which were expected to be moderated by organizational support. In a sample of 215 employees across 61 offices of a state agency, the authors obtained a positive(More)
The epidemiology of avian hematozoa at high latitudes is still not well understood, particularly in sub-Arctic and Arctic habitats, where information is limited regarding seasonality and range of transmission, co-infection dynamics with parasitic and viral agents, and possible fitness consequences of infection. Such information is important as climate(More)
Aggression by top predators can create a "landscape of fear" in which subordinate predators restrict their activity to low-risk areas or times of day. At large spatial or temporal scales, this can result in the costly loss of access to resources. However, fine-scale reactive avoidance may minimize the risk of aggressive encounters for subordinate predators(More)
Estimates of range-wide abundance, harvest, and harvest rate are fundamental for sound inferences about the role of exploitation in the dynamics of free-ranging wildlife populations, but reliability of existing survey methods for abundance estimation is rarely assessed using alternative approaches. North American mallard populations have been surveyed each(More)
Information technology courses often require the use of software and hardware to support classroom learning. These systems can assist in achieving the learning objectives for a course through classroom problems and laboratory exercises. The procurement and maintenance of these systems can be a challenge even for well resourced organizations. In this paper(More)