Todd A. Schwartz

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BACKGROUND Adverse outcomes have recently been linked to elevated red cell distribution width (RDW) in heart failure. Our study sought to validate the prognostic value of RDW in heart failure and to explore the potential mechanisms underlying this association. METHODS AND RESULTS Data from the Study of Anemia in a Heart Failure Population (STAMINA-HFP)(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationships between echocardiographic findings and clinical outcomes in patients with severe primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). BACKGROUND Primary pulmonary hypertension is associated with abnormalities of right heart structure and function that contribute to the poor prognosis of the disease.(More)
OBJECTIVE This longitudinal, descriptive study described the level of depressive symptoms in mothers of preterm infants from birth through 27 months corrected age and examined factors associated with depressive symptoms. The framework for the study was guided by an ecological developmental systems perspective and an adaptation of the Preterm Parental(More)
OBJECTIVE To report contemporary estimates of the prevalence of knee-related osteoarthritis (OA) outcomes in African Americans and Caucasians aged > or = 45 years. METHODS Weighted prevalence estimates for knee symptoms, radiographic knee OA, symptomatic knee OA, and severe radiographic knee OA were calculated for age, ethnic, and sex subgroups, in 3018(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the lifetime risk of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (OA), overall and stratified by sex, race, education, history of knee injury, and body mass index (BMI). METHODS The lifetime risk of symptomatic OA in at least 1 knee was estimated from logistic regression models with generalized estimating equations among 3,068 participants of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare short-term and long-term effectiveness of the Arthritis Self-Help Course (ASHC) and the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) for persons with arthritis concerning health care use, health-related quality of life, health behaviors, and arthritis self-efficacy. METHODS Forty-eight workshops were randomized to the ASHC (n = 26)(More)
BACKGROUND Previous natural history studies in broad populations of heart failure patients have associated female gender with improved survival, particularly in patients with a nonischemic etiology of ventricular dysfunction. This study investigates whether a similar survival advantage for women would be evident among patients with advanced heart failure.(More)
Depressive symptoms may compromise the ability of low-income Latina mothers with limited English language proficiency to parent their infants or toddlers. Eighty Early Head Start Latina mothers with limited English language proficiency were randomized to an advanced practice nurse-delivered, culturally tailored, in-home psychotherapy intervention, or to(More)
OBJECTIVE To report contemporary estimates of the prevalence of hip-related osteoarthritis (OA) outcomes in African Americans and Caucasians aged>or=45 years. METHODS Weighted prevalence estimates and their corresponding 95% confidence intervals for hip symptoms, radiographic hip OA, symptomatic hip OA, and severe radiographic hip OA were calculated using(More)
OBJECTIVE Increased BMI is a well-recognized risk factor for radiographic knee osteoarthritis (rKOA); however, the contributions of the components of body composition, body fat distribution, and height to this association are not clear. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES We examined 779 women > or = 45 years of age from the Johnston County Osteoarthritis(More)