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Promoting Appropriate Uses of Technology in Mathematics Teacher Preparation
In the Principles and Standards of School Mathematics the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) identified the "Technology Principle" as one of six principles of high quality mathematicsExpand
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The Mathematical Ways of an Aboriginal People : The Northern Ute
Math is a part of our lifestyle too but we don’t have it in the way that the White man has it, say... math like times tables, and addition or subtraction. We have those things also in our traditionalExpand
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An Ethnomodel of a Penobscot Lodge
When considering Pike’s (Language in relation to a unified theory of the structure of human behavior. Mouton, Paris, 1967) linguistic work that introduced emic and etic through the ethnomathematicsExpand
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Visuospatial reasoning: a comparison between the construction of a native american hand drum and surgical geometry
This paper focuses on the construction of a hand drum by a Native American drum maker, and the construction of an anastomosis by a thoracic cardiovascular surgeon. Neither activity occurred withExpand
Shockey and Mitchell (2006) have engaged an ethnomathematical lens to describe the construction of a Penobscot hemispherical lodge. In that paper, the primary focus was on the etic view of theExpand
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Etnomatemática de uma Classe Profissional: cirurgiões cardiovasculares
1. Introdução Quando D'Ambrosio (1985) apresentou a Etnomatemática, ele incluiu em sua definição as classes profissionais. Claramente ausentes das pesquisas etnomatemáticas, são estudos queExpand
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A Kindergarten Teacher Bringing Science to a Community.
The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) sponsored professional development of educators in the NASA Summer of Innovation (SOI) program. The Idaho, Montana, and Utah (IMU-SOI)Expand
Confluência Etnomatemática Intersecção de Visões de Mundo Nativa e Acadêmica
We adopt the concept of confluence as a metaphor to consider our ethnomathematical engagement for the past fourteen years. In this time, we have worked with students and teachers and have realizedExpand