Tod Rutherford

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A formalism is given in which the optical field generated by a near-field optical aperture is described as an analytic expansion over a complete set of optical modes. This vectoral solution preserves the divergent behavior of the near field and the dipolar nature of the far field. Numerical calculation of the fields requires only evaluation of a well(More)
We present measurements of the power noise that is due to optical amplification in a laser-diode-pumped Nd:YAG free-space traveling-wave linear amplifier in a master-oscillator-power-amplifier configuration. The quantum noise behavior of the optical amplifier was demonstrated by use of InGaAs photodetectors in a balanced detection configuration, at a total(More)
Experimental demonstrations of two edge-pumped zigzag slab lasers are presented. The Nd:YAG slab laser generated 127 W of multimode output power with 300W of pump power. Preliminary results with a Yb:YAG slab produced 46 W of output power with 315W of pump power. The edge-pumped slab design permits symmetric conduction cooling and efficient pump absorption(More)
There is a growing recognition that despite the difficulties confronting firms in formalizing knowledge, the contemporary economy is characterized by intensifying pressures for the conversion of tacit into codified, if not commodified knowledge. Thus researchers are increasingly recognizing that globalization is associated with strong pressures for the(More)
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