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—Unlike conventional range queries, a range-monitoring query is a continuous query. It requires retrieving mobile objects inside a user-defined region and providing continuous updates as the objects move into and out of the region. In this paper, we present an efficient technique for real-time processing of such queries. In our approach, each mobile object(More)
Anonymous location information may be correlated with restricted spaces such as home and office for subject re-identification. This makes it a great challenge to provide location privacy protection for users of location-based services. Existing work adopts traditional <i>K</i>-anonymity model and ensures that each location disclosed in service requests is a(More)
Today's Internet is incapable of handling information like a stop sign. Such information stays in a geographic region, consistently beams to the people who move into from certain direction. This paper presents a system aimed at bridging the Internet with the physical world. The hardware platform of the system consists of a central server and a set of(More)
Multimedia streaming applications can significantly boost the value of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). Live streaming, however , means continuous data delivery, which is a major challenge in MANET. Because of host mobility, a streaming path may be broken easily, causing streaming interruption. In this paper, we address this problem with a light-weighted yet(More)