Toby Perrett

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Advances in vehicular technology have resulted in more controls being incorporated into cabin designs. We present a system to determine which vehicle occupant is interacting with a control on the center console when it is activated, enabling the full use of dual-view touchscreens and the removal of duplicate controls. The proposed method relies on a(More)
Knowledge of human presence and interaction in a vehicle is of growing interest to vehicle manufacturers for design and safety purposes. We present a framework to perform the tasks of occupant detection and occupant classification for automatic child locks and airbag suppression. It operates for all passenger seats, using a single overhead camera. A(More)
We propose a method for detecting valuable left-behind items in vehicle cabins which uses a single overhead camera. An additional sub-network is incorporated into the Faster R-CNN framework in order to allow it to estimate item value based on visual properties, as well as to perform detection. A loss function which contains a user-specified minimum-value(More)
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