Toby N Weingarten

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BACKGROUND 'Open lung' ventilation is commonly used in patients with acute lung injury and has been shown to improve intraoperative oxygenation in obese patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery. The feasibility of an 'open lung' ventilatory strategy in elderly patients under general anaesthesia has not previously been assessed. METHODS 'Open lung'(More)
PURPOSE To review the anesthetic management and perioperative outcomes of patients diagnosed with Brugada syndrome (BrS) who were treated at a single centre and to compare those results with a comprehensive review of the existing literature. CLINICAL FEATURES A retrospective chart review of anesthesia records from patients diagnosed with BrS at the Mayo(More)
BACKGROUND The role of preoperative gabapentin in postoperative pain management is not clear, particularly in patients receiving regional blockade. Patients undergoing thoracotomy benefit from epidural analgesia but still may experience significant postoperative pain. We examined the effect of preoperative gabapentin in thoracotomy patients. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Neuropathic pain is reported to be common based on studies from specialty centers and survey studies. However, few prevalence estimates have been completed in a community population using clinical evaluation. OBJECTIVE To develop an estimate of the prevalence of neuropathic pain in community-dwelling adults. METHODS Data from a mailed survey(More)
PURPOSE Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes syndrome (MELAS) is a rare inherited mitochondrial disorder associated with severe multiorgan pathology and stress-induced episodes of metabolic decompensation and lactic acidosis. The purpose of this case series is to review the medical records of patients with MELAS who(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether exposure to general anesthesia for operations and procedures after the age of 40 years is associated with incident mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in elderly patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A population-based, prospective cohort of Olmsted County, Minnesota, residents aged 70 to 89 years at enrollment, underwent baseline and(More)
Lumbar facet joint injections are commonly employed in the treatment of low back pain and are considered to be relatively safe with few known complications. We report the case of septic facet arthritis following a periarticular facet injection in a patient with recurrent urinary tract infections. The literature is reviewed to identify epidemiological and(More)
PURPOSE Kennedy's disease (KD) is a rare, X-linked recessive, neurodegenerative disorder of lower motor neurons characterized by progressive proximal limb and bulbar muscular atrophy with spontaneous laryngospasm, which may present an anesthetic risk. We undertook a computerized search of the Mayo Clinic medical records database between January 1996 and May(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Inclusion body myositis is a painless inflammatory myopathy affecting older adults. It manifests as progressive muscle atrophy and weakness, typically affecting proximal lower extremity muscles initially but insidiously progressing to affect other muscles, including bulbar (oropharyngeal) muscles and the diaphragm, and leading to dysphagia(More)
Blockade of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) is performed for therapeutic management of meralgia paresthetica and as a regional anesthetic technique. The conventional technique is associated with high failure rates secondary to variable LFCN anatomy. We describe a technique for blockade of the LFCN using ultrasound guidance. A cross-sectional view(More)