Toby D Elliman

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Animals readily acquire positive odor-taste hedonic associations, but evidence for this in humans remains weak and was explored further. Retronasal pairing of odors with sucrose or salty stimuli (Experiment 1) increased the rated sweetness of sucrose-paired odors without altering liking, although changes in odor pleasantness correlated with sucrose liking.(More)
OBJECTIVES The cortisol awakening rise (CAR) is defined as cortisol secretory activity in the first 45-60 min immediately post-awakening. It has been suggested that psychological factors may disrupt the normal awakening rise. Recent research has shown that psychological stress may influence the magnitude of the CAR, however the findings have been mixed.(More)
The present study investigated the hypothesis that behavioural sensitization to psychomotor stimulants is expressed only if the internal state of the animal is the same as it was at the time of sensitization development. This state-dependency hypothesis has previously been put forward to explain the apparent blockade of sensitization by N-methyl-D-aspartate(More)
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