Tobin E. Porterfield

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A video of introductory information about inherited susceptibility to breast cancer was made in consultation with clinicians in four Scottish cancer family clinics. One hundred and twenty-eight women, newly referred for breast cancer risk counselling were randomized to receive the video before (n = 66) or after (n = 62) counselling. Data were collected(More)
Twenty-six patients suffering from DSM-III-R major depressive episode with diurnal variation of mood were examined at approximately 8 AM and 8 PM, using a neuropsychological test battery. We found that tests of executive function, especially the verbal fluency test, were sensitive measures of diurnal variation, but that personality measures were relatively(More)
This article examines the performance implications of information exchange in industrial supply chains. While e.xisting literature has addressed the critical role of information exchange in supply chain integration, existing studies fail to address the specific characteristics of information e.xchange that ajfect performance. Through a transaction cost(More)
This paper examines the importance of tactical and strategic information sharing between supply chain partners. Through a transaction cost economics theoretical lens, we hypothesize that greater tactical and strategic information sharing volumes are associated with greater survival of supply chain relationships. We also hypothesize that a greater ratio of(More)
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