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More and more lies: a new distinction and its consequences
In this article, we present a distinction (within the category of ‘deceptive lies’) between two kinds of lies: doxogenic and falsifying lies, defined in terms of different conditions they need toExpand
Belief, content, and cause
The paper questions the common assumption that rational individuals believe all propositions which they know to be logical consequences of their other beliefs: although we must acknowledge the truthExpand
On Lying: A Conceptual Argument for the Falsity Condition
In this paper, we put forward a conceptual argument for the Falsity Condition for lying, upon the assumption that lying is a form of deception. We argue that if the definition of lying did notExpand
Knowledge, Memory and Perception
Content, Meaning and Truth
Anil Gupta’s book Empiricism and Experience (2006) is a rich and complex piece of work, whose main aim is to elucidate the rational contribution of experience to knowledge. A minimally completeExpand