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Goals as Reference Points: Empirical Evidence from a Virtual Reward System
Heath et al. (1999) propose a prospect theory model for goal behavior which offers insights on how goals affect individual and group performance. Expand
Does the Framing of Progress Towards Virtual Rewards Matter?
A natural experiment on a popular German Question & Answer community is used to find out whether the small-area hypothesis applies to user activation by means of a virtual reward in the form of badges. Expand
Challenge Accepted! - the Impact of Goal Achievement on subsequent User Effort and the Implications of a Goal's Difficulty
We empirically investigate the impact of successful goal achievement on future effort to attain the next goal in a recurring goal framework. Expand
Goal achievement, subsequent user effort and the moderating role of goal difficulty
Abstract It is established in the marketing literature that people increase their effort in a recurring goal framework when the goal difficulty increases, because their experience of success uponExpand