Tobias Wenzel

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This paper studies the impact of ad-avoidance behavior in media markets. We consider a situation where viewers can avoid advertisement messages. As the media market is a two-sided market, increased ad-avoidance reduces advertisers’ value of placing an ad. We contrast two financing regimes, free-to-air and pay-TV. We find that a higher viewer responsiveness(More)
This paper explores the effects that collusion can have in newspaper markets where firms compete for advertising as well as for readership. We compare three modes of competition: i) competition in the advertising and the reader market, ii) semi-collusion over advertising (with competition in the reader market), and iii) (full) collusion in both the(More)
Television advertising levels in Europe are regulated according to the “Audiovisual Service Media Directive”, where member states of the European Union usually impose stricter regulation on their Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) channels. The present model evaluates the effects of symmetric and asymmetric regulation of ad levels on competition for viewers(More)
The bright and glossy appearance of the flowers of Ranunculus repens was investigated spectroscopically and the optical results were correlated with the layered anatomy of the petal. The highly directional reflected light arises from the partially transparent, pigment-bearing epidermal layer, while a more diffused yellow colour is the result of scattering(More)
This paper explores the implications of price-dependent demand in spatial models of product differentiation. We introduce consumers with a quasi-linear utility function in the framework of the Salop (1979) model. We show that the so-called excess entry theorem relies critically on the assumption of completely inelastic demand. Our model is able to produce(More)
This paper revisits the excess entry theorem in spatial models à la Vickrey (1964) and Salop (1979) while relaxing the assumption of inelastic demand. Using a demand function with a constant demand elasticity, we show that the number of firms that enter a market decreases with the degree of demand elasticity. We find that the excess entry theorem does only(More)
The Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) was introduced to define a common set of features that are suitable to build high-speed networks. Today the interface of VIA serves as access point to a wide range of system area networks. M-VIA is a software that provides the VIA interface on top of several Ethernet cards. The overhead of TCP/IP protocols is avoided(More)
MARCKS is a widespread cellular phosphoprotein that migrates at 80-87 kDa on polyacrylamide gels. It is phosphorylated apparently exclusively by protein kinase C (PKC) and its phosphorylation in intact cells can be used as an index of intracellular PKC activation. Most methods for the determination of its phosphorylation state in vitro or in intact cells(More)
We conduct a laboratory experiment that tests two fundamental predictions unique to salience theory. If an agent purchases one of two vertically differentiated products, salience theory makes the following two distinct predictions. First, it hypothesizes that a higher expected price level for both products shifts demand toward the more expensive,(More)